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Vespa Tours

Dolce Vita on the Tuscan hills

Wander through blooming fields, discover medieval hamlets, peek inside woods and among countryside creeks... All while riding on a Vespa Piaggio, as Italian as scooters come. Fly over the Tuscan hills and try the caress of wind on your hair and under your clothes: the 1950's Italian style has never been so contemporary.

Information: Ask in advance the reception to book delicious Vespa tours. We’ll provide you with all the information you need for unforgettable moments on two wheels in Tuscany.

  • Tennis

    Add some outdoor time and exercise to your stay at the Castello del Monsignore playing tennis on a regulation size court by appointment at the Resort, just 165 yards away. We supply the rackets and balls for you to fully enjoy tennis the green heart of Tuscany. And if you are looking to improve your game, you can even book a session with a professional tennis coach!

  • Ferrari Driving Experience

    If you’re a fan of speed, at least once in your life you must absolutely drive a roaring supercar - Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or Porsche. You can do it at the Mugello circuit, booking in advance depending on the availability and predefined events. It's a sensation you’ll find hard to put into words! Complete your high-adrenaline experience with a visit to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, with an official Ferrari store next door - less than two hours away from the Castle.

  • Fly Fishing

    A fun hobby in contact with nature? Fly-fishing, of course! In the company of a guide who has experience in the territory, you can go fishing in the reservation of the Sieve river. If you’re lucky - or particularly skilled - you may catch a brown trout, a fish that breeds in the beds of this calm body of water.

  • Hot-air balloons

    What an emotion, to fly over the magnificent Tuscan countryside, to observe the vineyards from above, losing your breath at these fairy-tale landscapes! You too can experience this emotion, perhaps in the company of someone you love, in a balloon flight. Are you ready to fly?


  • Gliding

    If you’ve always dreamed of flying, make it come true! Only 5 minutes away from Castello del Monsignore you’ll find an airfield you can book for a 4-hour course, including theory and practice, to learn the secrets of flight. On weekends you can always go through a “flight christening”, to fly over the hills as a passenger.

“Each experience touched our hearts in ways that can't be repeated, except at Monsignor della Casa.”

CaGarland, California – TripAdvisor

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