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Tuscany, land of treasures: culture, art, incredible natural landscapes have always lived together in our territory, nourishing the ideas of the great figures of Italian history. Experience the same emotions, breathe the same sensations, let yourself be awed by the same views. The museums, both the uber-famous ones in Florence and the exciting local ones, are an ensemble of Beauty, just like some historical buildings, monuments and ancient piazzas. Explore wonderful worlds just a few kilometers away from the Castle: Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa, Bologna, Cinque Terre.

  • Florence

    Florence is undoubtedly the land of beauty in Tuscany. An illuminated lordship during the Renaissance years, it was long governed by the wise Medicis, sponsors of Italian genius of art and literature. Once in Florence, you’ll immediately perceive the aura of grandeur that infiltrates every corner, from the airy piazzas to the narrowest alleys in the city center. Among the must-see attractions are the Galleria degli Uffizi, one of the world’s most visited museums, the magnificent Duomo, the monumental gardens of Boboli and Bardini, Palazzo Vecchio, and Palazzo Pitti, a dazzling Medieval legacy.

  • Pisa

    One of Italy's most iconic cities, Pisa is known for its Leaning Tower, a backdrop for countless pictures. All around it spreads the solemn Piazza dei Miracoli, filled with incredible architectural treasures. From the top of the Leaning Tower, in an awesome glimpse, you can capture precious angles of the Baptistery and of the Duomo, which turn the piazza into a mosaic of Romanesque and Gothic art.

  • Siena

    Siena burns with its passion for the local Palio, its bakeries make downtown smell of sugar, it shines with a thousand colors from the top of the Torre del Mangia. Brimming with life in the famous Piazza del Campo, crowned with workshops, restaurants and cafés, the city preserves an irresistible medieval aspect. Walk along the stone paths, discover the treasures of the Civic Museum, let yourself be involved by the majesty of the Duomo, taste local delicacies such as panforte and savory sheep’s milk cheese. A tour of Siena is a journey through the senses.

  • Lucca

    Lucca preserves, almost perfectly intact, the medieval allure of its origins. The solemn city gates allow you in a city that is many centuries old. The sensation remains along the ancient walls, along you which you can go on pleasant walks. The center of Lucca is a fascinating maze of vertiginous towers, beautiful churches, and piazzas filled with citizens on the weekends. Two of the most beautiful are certainly Piazza dell’Anfiteatro and Piazza San Michele.

  • Bologna

    Bologna, a scholarly city par excellence, is home to one of Europe’s oldest universities. To this day, many young people wander beneath the city’s porticos or lounge at lively Piazza Maggiore between a lesson and a study group. But Bologna is also the cradle of true Emilian cuisine, famous all over the world for its fresh pasta and succulent sauces... Having lunch at a typical trattoria is a must! To help with digestion, go for a walk downtown, visit the majestic Basilica of San Petronio and, if you’re not afraid of heights, climb the Torre degli Asinelli: the view from up there is truly remarkable.

  • Ferrari Factory and Museum

    IThe Ferrari Museum in Maranello is a Mecca for racing car aficionados and is immersed in the land of the Red Cars. Next to the exhibitions in the museum, you can experience the same surge of adrenaline of racing pilots thanks to the semi-professional simulators available. If this is not enough for you, wrap up a day of extreme emotions with a guided tour to the nearby Maranello Factory.

  • Lamborghini Factory and Museum

    The Lamborghini Museum, in the province of Bologna, is an obligatory stop for luxury car lovers in the Motor Valley. Several types of tickets are available, to get to know the Lamborghini reality with different intensities. After visiting the museum and admiring the iconic cars in exhibition, from the 60’s to today, enjoy a fascinating guided tour to the Lamborghini Factory. A day full of emotions, right?

  • Ducati Factory and Museum

    The Ducati Museum in Bologna is dedicated to one of Italy’s most productive car factories, which you can discover in an interesting tour. The great plants, renewed in 2016, combine past and present of the legendary brand: the historical motorbikes keep company to models that are symbols for the famous company at an international level. The exhibition also narrates the adventures of the most important men of the history of Ducati.

  • Medici Castles

    Florence’s most powerful dynasty – the Medici – originated in the Mugello region, where they loved to spend leisure time and support the arts. The first castle built was at the behest of Cosimo The Elder was Trebbio, constructed in the mid-15th century by the architect Michelozzo, it was home to Amerigo Vespucci for many years. Michelozzi also designed the Castello di Cafaggiolo, home to the Neoplatonic Academy of Marsilio Ficino, Nicola Cusano and Pico della Mirandola, a training ground for many of the greatest Florentine minds of the Renaissance. Keeping guard over the entrance to Tuscany is the grand Fortezza di San Martino, built in 1569. The Castello del Trebbio enjoys a gloriously expansive view over the valley while the Castello di Cafaggiolo is steeped in history. The favorite residence of Lorenzo the Magnificent, surrounded by the Schifanoia game reserve, it became the de’ Medici summer home in the mid-1300s.

  • Bosco ai Frati Convent

    San Piero a Sieve hides a sanctuary of peace, perfect to regenerate your body and your spirit. It’s the Bosco ai Frati Convent, built before the year 1000 and restructured by Michelozzo by order of Cosimo II Vecchio de’ Medici. Among the attractions worth visiting are the precious wooden crucifix made by Donatello, kept inside the Sala de’ Medici.

  • Beato Angelico Museum and birthplace - 3 km from the Castle

    The big and small masterpieces once kept in the parish churches of Mugello now rest in the fascinating Beato Angelico Museum of Sacred Art in Vicchio. Born with the intention to preserve the works of art from abandonment when the countryside was being turned into cities, the museum is home to a collection of unique and precious items.

  • Cinque Terre

    Along the most uncontaminated stretch of the Ligurian coast shine five gems of pure beauty: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso and Vernazza, the Cinque Terre. Colored azure and bronzed soil, they attract tourists from all over the world with their enchanted landscapes and dreamy atmosphere, typical of hamlets caressed by the sea. Here you can go trekking with more or less intensity or simply relax during a panoramic walk. The beautiful Via dell’Amore is strongly recommended, especially for couples.

  • Giotto Birthplace - 2 km from the Castle

    Giotto, a revolutionary genius of human representation in painting, was born in Vicchio, more precisely in the fraction of Vespignano. Here still sits the house where he was born, now a museum to bring back to life fragments of the artist’s everyday life through objects, drawings and furniture, all perfectly preserved. It seems that Beato Angelico was also born in Vicchio. Breathe its peculiar air, let yourself be surrounded by the places that inspired superior minds.

  • Palazzo dei Vicari in Scarperia

    The Palazzo dei Vicari, in Scarperia, almost as austere and magnificent as Florentine Palazzo Vecchio, has long been witness to the most important decisions of national politics. In fact, Scarperia was the seat of the Vicariate of the Florentine Republic in the 16th century and the fulcrum of the Medicis’ power, capable of turning the tables in Italian politics in just a few moves. A souvenir to put in your suitcase? Surely a handmade knife, the spearhead of the city’s tradition.

  • Mugello Circuit

    The Castello del Monsignore is surrounded by the absolute quietness of nature, and yet, just a few kilometers from here, racing cars and motorbikes fly by. The Mugello International Circuit, only 5 minutes away, can give you incredible peaks of adrenaline. Recharge your batteries during your stay in Tuscany. You’ll never forget it!

    Race to the Circuit

  • Acqua Panna Reservation

    Acqua Panna, a mineral water commonly found on the tables of millions of Italians every day, first sees the light of day in an absolutely pure spring at the doors of Florence, in the Scarperia territory. Search for the source of this vital sap, explore the uncontaminated reservation, dotted with clear creeks and wooded areas, let emotion overtake you as you probably catch a glimpse of local fauna (foxes, crows, wild boars, deer).

  • San Gimignano and Monteriggioni

    San Gimignano is one of the most characteristic towns of the Chianti region, a town of winding streets, medieval towers and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Browse about in little artisanal boutiques, savor the delights of their home-grown saffron. Take an hour to delve into medieval times with a tour of the Torture Museum or visit the Spezieria di Santa Fina, a faithful reproduction of an ancient pharmacy. Continue your journey into the past with a stop in Monteriggioni, a fully fortified village that has remained unchanged since Medieval times. The majestic city walls boast 14 towers and crowns the entire top of the hill on which the town was built, jealously safeguarding its remote past. Stroll along the stone paved streets lined with ancient homes and crenulated towers...  it’s like walking inside a fairytale!

  • Arezzo

    This ancient Etruscan city remains a rare Tuscan gem even today. It is the proud birthplace of some of Italy’s most illustrious minds, great men like Francesco Petrarca and the multi-talented Giorgio Vasari, whose birthplace you can tour. Don’t forget to take a tour of the city’s Duomo, or Cathedral, graced with the magnificent paintings of Piero della Francesca. If you are an antiques buff, then go to Arezzo on the first weekend of the month to roam about their famous antiques market. Here you will find wonderful antique furniture, fine jewelry, vintage clothing and a wide variety of works of art that span various periods.

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