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Mugello Circuit

  • The kingdom of engines in Tuscany

    The Mugello racing track is the celebration of adrenaline, a unique combination of crazy speed and life pulsating in each body cell. The intense sensation only a car or motorcycle race can provide. If the roar of engines is music to your ears, stay at Castello del Monsignore. The most exciting races and qualifying sessions take place only 5 minutes away.

  • The circuit in detail

    The project of the Mugello Circuit dates back to the 1970’s and intended to be suitable to host races that took place in the area as early as in 1914. After an initial phase, the circuit was reconfigured in 1988 as demanded by Ferrari, its owner. The current circuit boasts a steep ascending slope 1 kilometer long, points with various inclinations, and difficult curves. From its initial version to today, the circuit has evolved to accommodate new safety requirements, preserving the main points of the original projects whenever possible.

  • History and evolution of the circuit

    The Circuit was born as a safer alternative to the Mugello Street Circuit, where races were held constantly between 1914 and 1970. The origin of the current circuit is therefore more than a hundred years old, a remarkable record. Today's circuit was built in 1972 to provide a space for periodical car races that was safer than the previous one.

  • At the tracks in 5 minutes

    A holiday at Castello del Monsignore ensures you a discharge of adrenaline whenever you want: the Mugello Circuit is only 5 minutes away from us! Right out of the Castle, follow the signs to Borgo San Lorenzo and continue towards Autodromo del Mugello. If you prefer to take the highway, exit at Barberino and you’ll find yourself at the circuit in a few minutes.

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