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Tuscan Cuisine Cooking Classes

The joy of cooking. The discovery of Tuscan flavors.


  • Tuscan cuisine cooking class

    Learn to cook the best recipes of the Tuscan tradition and then make them at home whenever you find yourself missing this magical country. Refine your five senses to learn how to recognize the most authentic ingredients and enhance their unique properties. Take a cooking class at Castello del Monsignore: three hours of authentic Tuscan cuisine, in the company of our chef and her secrets.

  • Hands-on

    Our Tuscan cuisine cooking class, Hands-on Pasta, will teach you to recognize when a vegetable is perfectly ripe and to identify in the kitchen garden the most precious herbs, those that local housewives have been harvesting for ages. After choosing the ingredients, you’ll discover how to use them to make ravioli, tagliatelle and tortelli: the best fresh Tuscan pasta. You’ll also be preparing a second course, either meat or vegetarian. An irresistible tiramisù wraps up the menu.

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