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Truffle Hunting

Pearls of unmistakable scent

When staying at Castello del Monsignore, you’ll live a unique experience: take part in a session of white truffle hunting. The emotion of hunting in the secular park of the Monsignor Giovanni della Casa in the company of trained dogs. Dive into a profoundly Tuscan tradition, a mixture of culture, gastronomy, and love for the excellences of the territory.

  • The roots of a passion

    How did truffle hunting start? The origins of truffle hunting surely date back to very remote times. The first records of this activity in Tuscany appears to date to the Middle-Ages, but it wasn’t until the Renaissance that this tuber began to appear in aristocratic banquets. A predilection for white truffles developed in the 19th century, when it conquered even the famous Artusi. The passion for truffles stimulates its hunting in many regions - Marche, Umbria, Piedmont - but especially in Tuscany, and more precisely in Mugello, where Castello di Monsignore sits.

  • The hidden gem in the Tuscan earth

    The Monsignor della Casa Resort & Spa offers a truly unique chance to join in a real white truffle hunt. Along with trained dogs, you will hunt in the truffle-ground (tartufaia) of the ancient park where Monsignor Giovanni della Casa himself would walk. An authentically Tuscan experience that combines culture, outdoor activity, and passion for the ultimate gourmet ingredient.

  • Information

    Truffle hunting is permitted by law only between September and December. Our hunt takes place in the truffle-ground of Monsignor della Casa with the help of specially-trained dogs and the “vanghetto”, a special spade for the occasion. We can arrange a truffle hunt if you want to book one, during the permitted periods.

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